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3 years ago I was introduced to Shaun Slade, and his team members at Lakeland Aircraft Maintenance. Having had disappointing experiences with other central Florida maintenance facilities, I chose Shaun after a reference from another pilot. It was a fantastic decision. I have found a permanent home for all of my aircraft’s mechanical, electrical, and avionics needs. The schedule given for your arrival is met on time with a professional person. They greet you at your wing, ready with pen and paper to do a proper intake of your aircraft detailing any squawks, and talking about timeline, and new aviation news. I have never had to repeat myself in my requests. The process is extremely budget friendly as there are not attempts to up-sell you on extra’s or charge you on things that are not necessary. Many places do this. I own a twin baron, and while an annual for a twin is usually met with drool, and an evil genius laugh; my annual costs have averaged nearly the same as my previous non retract single engine aircraft at another facility. I had Lakeland Aircraft Maintenance perform an engine monitor upgrade, along with a reorganization of my avionics stack; it was completed ahead of schedule and on budget with the estimate. They also found a tweak in the autopilot and repaired it for no extra charge. I am certain that if you take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your aircraft to Mr. Slade and his team, you will find a home, just like I did. This is a place where you can have the confidence that you are in the best hands, being treated most fairly. I know that he would not return my aircraft to me if he would not be willing to fly his own family in it. Anyone that knows me, understands that my giving of a compliment or a recommendation is extremely rare. I gladly and with the utmost confidence sign my name on the line with my recommendation for Shaun and L.A.M.