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Maintenance / Flat Rate Inspections

Flat rate annual inspection costs include:
  • 1 hr AD research
  • Spark plug cleaning and testing
  • Pre and post run up for systems check
  • Compression check
  • Battery servicing
  • Oil and filter change (labor only)
  • Air and hydraulic filter change (labor only)
  • Lubrication of grease fittings
  • Magneto timing check
  • Landing gear retraction test
  • Removal and installation of cowlings, fairings and panels

Additional items that may be required:

Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs): ELTs will be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months and batteries replaced according to manufacturer recommendations.

Fixed Pitch and Ground Adjustable Propellers: Every 5 years the propeller shall be removed from the aircraft and inspected for corrosion or other defects. While the propeller is removed it will be checked for correct dimensions.

Altimeter Devices: Altimeters and other Altimetry devices installed in aircraft operating under Instrument Flight Rules, or under visual flight rules in Class B and C airspace or Class C and D airspace that is designated as "Transponder Airspace" shall be calibrated at intervals not exceeding 24 months.

(ATC) Transponders: Transponders shall be tested every 24 months.

Tachometer: The accuracy of mechanical drag cup type tachometers for fixed wing propeller driven aircraft, will be checked on site annually to maintain the tolerances established by the aircraft manufacturer or, where no tolerance has been specified by the aircraft manufacturer, to within +/- 4% of engine RPM at mid-point of the cruise range.

After the inspection has been completed, the Aircraft owner is notified and all of the inspection findings are discussed.

Price includes: Labor for inspection, required service, one hour of AD research and completion of logbook entries.


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Shaun Slade Photo

Shaun Slade

Director of Maintenance

Shaun began his career in aviation in 1994 working in a Warbird restoration shop. He earned his Bachelors in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. (read more about Shaun)


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Brad Arsenault

Shop Manager

Brad earned his Bachelors in Aviation Maintenance Technology and his A&P from Western Michigan University in 2005. For the last 6 years he has performed maintenance on hundreds of airplanes. (read more about Brad)





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